We, Teeninga Ministry give you a warm welcome to our website! We invite you to take a look around to get to know what we are about and all the things we do. Enjoy your stay. We enjoy receiving mails from our visitors, so feel free to contact us.

What we do

Gjalt-Jan received the word from God that he will go all over the world to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people. We are from The Netherlands, from the province of Friesland. There we have our business Teeninga Palmen, a palm tree sales company, which mainly provides the income to do what God has given us to do. We are missionaries of Jesus Christ to spread the gospel across all nations and to provide basic needs for the poorest of the people. You can read more about our projects on the projects page.

We started selling palm trees and other exotic plants to earn money for our cause. We would take the ‘profit’ and buy food from it to hand out to poor villages in various countries. This way we knew the money really ended up helping the people, instead of ending up in high salaries or business overhead costs.

We still do this today. Every year we set apart 10% of our net profit and take this to the country that God sends us to.

This way we want to improve the world a little bit.

Because it’s great to help people in need!

We do this because God called us to it. He told me to set up the company Teeninga Palmen. I, together with my wife Joukje took on God's journey and started the company. Many people laughed at us because we started with only 50 small ‘grassblades’ (small palmtrees), and called it a store. But we did this because we know how much creative power there is in words.

Thanks to God this company grew explosively!

This growth goes together with miracle after miracle. Almost no day goes by without a miracle taking place. It’s truly a workplace of the miraculous.

We travel all over the world to the most poor areas, to feed the poor and to evangelize. God has greatly anointed our ministry to be powerful and influential. Of course, without God we can't do a single thing, so we are so very grateful we are being used to mightily by Him.

We are also involved in amazing projects to help poor people areas in Africa, and also help to spread the gospel there. It's our goal in the near future to build water wells in Africa so that the people can have clean healthy drinking water and get told about Jesus Christ.


It's our mission to

Spread the love of christ
We come to share the gospel of the Love of God, the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ for our salvation and restoration.
Help the poor
We want to help as many poor people as we can with food, tools, toys, treats and new life in the gospel of Jesus Christ
Pray & Heal
There is much power in prayer. We pray often for many people and situations, and we come to lay on hands and heal the sick.
We not only preach the Gospel, but also how to lead a Holy Spirit guided life to do God's will and become more like Christ.